MYCOLDWALLET is the only way
for recovering your whole coins

White Paper

Case study

Why you need


Guaranteed safety.

No exposure of your private key

No necessity of wallet recovery word

Safe from phishing scam

Once you put wrong pin number, your private key is eliminated on your App. and Cloud account

Perfect recovery
(almost 100%)

Even when your smartphone is lost or broken, your wallet will be completely recovered through Cloud serve.

In case you can not recover your wallet, The Smart contract(asset security agreement) will guarantee you to return 99.9% of your all assets.

Proof of Concept

MCW Token Economy

Company history

  • 2018.12.14

    Trademark registration request

    Trademark application of MYCOLDWALLET
    Trademark application number: 1-2018-076957-0

  • 2019.03.19

    Patent registration request

    Patent on method and system to protect the loss of cryptocurrency
    Patent application number : 10-2019-0031026

  • 2019.04.25

    Signed on Financial Advisory contract

    With SKB Advisor GmbH in Swiss.

  • 2019.05.27-05.28

    Ethcon Korea presentation

    On the story of building up crypto-wallet preventing the loss of Ethereum and ERC20 Tokens



    Commercial ver. MainNet Launch

  • MCW Token

    Can stake in MYCOLDWALLET


    Plasma/TestNet Launch


    MainNet Launch


    Support DApp

  • MYCOLDWALLET for Enterprise

    TestNet Launch

  • MYCOLDWALLET for Enterprise

    MainNet Launch

  • MYCOLDWALLET within Digital Menu

    TestNet Launch

  • MYCOLDWALLET within Digital Menu

    MainNet Launch


    Custom build for enterprise of Financial

Core Team

Jaeyoung Han


He is the CEO of CRYPTO ASSETS MANAGEMENT Co.,Ltd. and leading the whole operations on MCW project. He was inspired to start servicing more secure cryptowallet cause he found normal people was having many difficulties and problems on managing their cryptowallet while he youtubed on Ethereum for two years. He hopes his idea and vision can help the growth of the publicity of cryptocurrency.

Myungho Lee

Business Support & Video Edit & External Affairs

He assists all projects and takes care of all administrational works.


Core Developer

He has had 20 years of experience in software development for Companies & Government Agencies His talent and know-how have being contributed on helping many companies and institutes perform successful SI Currently, he is in charge of developing MCW protocol based on Smart Contract. With a Master’s degree in information technologies, he leads the P2P infrastructure development team and is responsible for all internal IT initiatives. His rich experience across a variety of enterprise projects and roles provides him with a broad strategic perspective on internal software development processes.

Juhyup Kang

Mobile App & Web Developer

JeonJu University Bachelor's degree. He is in charge of Android app. development. He manages both App. and Web. development.


Kyungbaek Lee


He is a professor in Hanyoung University. He has been dedicated in studying blockchain technologies and developing business ideas related to blockchain.

Jongguen Park

Financial Adviser

His vision and needs for more safe asset protection system drove him to participate this project.

Chanil Park

Social Adviser

As a active coin community leader himself, he knows general investors’ needs well and so enthusiastic in giving his opinions based on his expansive experience on the crypto wallet.

Jinsoon Park

Marketing Adviser

She has super talent on psychological analysis acquired from long term investment on stocks and coins. Her extensive experience on ICO & IEO is well contributed on building a market plan.

Gapjin Kim

Social Adviser

He lectures in a college and participated in developing Embedded & Control module programming. His ideological probation on the inception of the MCW did a crucial role that we could proceed.

Bangwon Lee

Social Adviser

He is running an academy on stock investment. HIs vision and know-how on investment is motivating many people as well as MCW.